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Getting Married?

September 29, 2016

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed Something Yellow…

This is certainly not what you want people saying on your wedding day! You spend countless hours searching for the perfect white dress, so shouldn’t your teeth match? Imagine your dull teeth, next to your crisp, white dress; now imagine your sparkling, white teeth in your ever-lasting photos!  On this day your smile should match the sparkle in your eye, and with teeth whitening from the professionals at Southtowns Dental, in Buffalo NY, it can!

Our team of Cosmetic Dentists work effortlessly to ensure our patients (and especially our bridal patients) top dental care. Whether its invisalign, veneers, or our in-office teeth whitening, our goal is to help you feel beautiful on your special day, and every day after that.

Why Should I Do In-Office Teeth Whitening Instead of at Home?

First and foremost, the results of in-office teeth whitening are not only greater, but quicker!

We know that time is of the essence during wedding planning, and if you’re like most brides, the stress of planning, and the sleepless nights, has led you to coffee, and maybe even tobacco. This can leave you with stained and discolored teeth that may only be repaired with the concentrated peroxide gel used in your in-office session. Our in-office procedure is effective against internal and external tooth discoloration, leaving you with a longer lasting effect.

For those that are looking for an at home alternative, we offer teeth whitening kits. This alternative can take 1- 2 weeks to see results, but significant improvements will be made.

Either way, we hope you will choose us when considering teeth whitening in Buffalo NY.

For more information, call us at 716-825-5020.

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