CEREC Dental Crowns

Traditional dental crowns take up to 3 appointments to complete–why wait? At Southtowns Dental Services, you can enjoy the benefits of a CEREC machine, and have your porcelain crown done in just one 90-minute appointment!

Digital X-Rays

Digital (or computerized) x-rays use less radiation than traditional film. They give our doctors the ability to assess your bone and tooth health immediately after the x-ray is taken. You’ll be able to see the image just seconds after it is taken, and your dentist will be able to point out anything of note on the slide, and how they recommend treating any problems they may see.

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) X-Rays

We are one of the minority of dental offices to offer CBCT technology to our patients. CBCT xrays present a three-dimensional view that can then be manipulated by sophisticated computer software for a wide variety of applications, including placement of implants, orthodontics, visualizing impacted teeth, fractured roots, abscesses and other pathologies. Because a CBCT is the standard of care before placing an implant, you won’t have to travel elsewhere to get one before you begin your implant procedure.

Cari-Free Cavity Prevention System

Our doctors and hygienists both use the Cari-Free system, which determines if you are more susceptible to cavities. Depending on the results, they can then make recommendations to help you prevent cavities, instead of treating them as they appear.

Intraoral Camera

We can show you on a computer screen a blown up image of any area in your mouth. We don’t expect you just to take our word for it when we are diagnosing and discussing your dental needs. This is available to you ONLY if you want it! For some people, it’s just too scary to look at and we are sensitive to that.

Diode Dental Lasers

Southtowns Dental Services is dedicated to providing a pain-free dental experience to all our patients. Our diode dental laser can treat many soft tissue problems painlessly, replacing conventional gum surgery in many cases, with a reduced healing time.

Computers and TVs in Every Room

With a TV in every room, this not only allows you to watch your favorite show while we work, but we are able to show you pictures and xrays of your mouth on the flat screen.

Automated Confirmation System

Don’t want appointment postcards or confirmation calls from your dentist? You don’t have to get them! We can text or email you your reminders, and you can confirm your appointment with just a one letter response.

Steri-Center for Sterilization

Our sterilization center is ste or the art and in full view of our patients. It provides the highest levels of sterilization for all types of loads, which include our handpieces, instruments, and attachments. It uses pressure, steam, and a vacuum to sterilize without harsh chemicals, and delivers our sterilized instruments dry to prevent further contamination. Specialized containers separate sharps and biowaste from trash, allowing for proper disposal.

Special Water Lines for Treatment

All the water that runs through our chairs and handpieces has first been distilled, meaning that the water has been boiled, the steam collected, and condensed back into pure water. This ensures that no bacteria, fungi, viruses or other contaminants are present in our water supply. We are committed to performing your dental treatment with the highest standard of purity.