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Southtowns Dental Services in Buffalo, NY specializes in teeth whitening treatments and restoring your teeth to their natural, sparkling white coloring. Our in-office teeth whitening services are a quick and easy way to see significant color changes in your smile. Get your teeth whitened in a fraction of the time it takes to see results with take-home whitening products.

Tooth enamel is worn away with chewing, trauma and acidic responses to sugary foods, exposing dentin – the tooth’s yellow core. Tooth staining is caused by several factors including age, eating habits, smoking, teeth grinding, trauma, and genetics. External tooth discoloration is called extrinsic discoloration. Tobacco, coffee, dark foods, and drinks are common causes of extrinsic stains.


Why Choose Southtowns Dental’s Teeth Whitening Services?

Our cosmetic dentists in Buffalo, NY can determine the type and cause of your discolorations and help you choose the best teeth whitening option for you. Our in-office teeth whitening treatment is your fastest way to a white, dazzling smile. No other form of teeth whitening yields the same timely and striking results. Our teeth whitening services are especially effective against internal tooth discoloration. Our cosmetic dentists use several applications of a concentrated peroxide gel to bleach the teeth and restore their natural coloring.
We also offer at-home teeth whitening kits in which significant improvements can be seen over the course of one or two weeks. Daily whitening treatments with our home-use bleaching kits can help you achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Call Southtowns Dental Services of Buffalo, NY today to learn more about our teeth whitening treatments.

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