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Congratulations Dr. Kevin – 2018 Endeavor Award Recipient

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin D’Angelo for winning the Endeavor Award!  Many thanks to all who voted and helped him win. The Endeavor Award was created in 2014 as a national celebration honoring public benefit aviation volunteer pilots and the great humanitarian organizations they serve. The foundation donates $15,000 to the charity of the winner’s choice; Dr. Kevin picked “Wings-Flights of Hope” here in Buffalo as the recipient. Wings was founded by Joe DeMarco, a close friend of Dr. Kevin’s, after Dr. Kevin took him on one of his own flight missions, where Joe realized that this was what he wanted to do.

Wings provides free transportation via private airplane for patients in need of transport to medical facilities across the northeast, and even allows for the families of the patients to fly for free as well. Dr. Kevin is one of a select few devoted pilots who give hope and wellness to patients and families who may not have been able to make the trip to the receive the best treatment possible. Besides volunteering for Wings, Dr. Kevin also organizes and leads his own dental missions in our community, throughout the U.S., and also in Third World countries. He will fly to Los Angeles in May to accept his award.

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What our customers say

Mary Donovan


I had an excellent experience yesterday, my first visit, as an emergency patient. They took me in right away, late in the day, at least 5:30 pm. Doctor diagnosed me with a gum infection, which was causing me the most excruciating pain I’ve ever experienced. Gave me antibiotics, and today, after 3 doses, I have no more pain. Will recommend this practice to everyone I know. Thank you, Dr Bill!!

Cathy Holt


Everyone makes you feel welcome and comfortable! I just had a filling replaced and was not expecting it to be done so quickly and feeling so smooth and comfortable! I am so happy my husband and I decided to come to Southtowns Dental Services!

Bradlee Townsend


As a first-time patient, I was impressed with the friendliness and professionalism of everyone in the office. And Bill D’Angelo is a wizard with instruments and technique. He and his staff turned an anxious appointment into a positive experience. Well done!

Gary Higgins


Was a very good appointment. I am a wreck going to dentist but..Dr Mack was wonderful. Explained everything very well. Her staff was awesome. Every one of them.i think next visit will be one that I'm looking forward to. Thank you ALL.. Susan Higgins

Maxine Cardamone


I had my first visit at Southtowns Dental services today and couldn't be happier. Everyone was so nice and very friendly. Dr Frederick Fielding so down to earth and professional. So glad I chose this practice for my dental needs.

Nick S


Always a pleasant experience here. Extremely friendly and professional staff. Sara the dental hygienist is helpful and diligent each visit

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