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General Dentistry

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Tooth Colored Resin Fillings

Thanks to recent advances in dental technology, Southtowns professionals now offer fillings which perfectly match the natural tooth color of most patients. Rest assured that your smile will stay beautiful with the aid of this seamless procedure. Our family dentists can also replace old silver and gold fillings with more natural looking resin fillings.

Root Canal Therapy

The root canal is generally defined as the soft, nerve-filled tissue located within each individual tooth. If your tooth routinely exhibits shooting pain, there’s a chance that root canal therapy may be required to repair the damage. For this reason, it’s important to consult with Southtowns Dental professionals if your pain levels have started to swell. Nip the problem in the bud with our assistance, and eliminated any chance of infection.


A crown is often required when a tooth has suffered too much damage over time. Tooth crowns are generally composed of porcelain or gold, and provide a tight seal against any further decay. Southtowns Dental Services now offers the service of CEREC physicians that can administer full crown treatments in a brief 90 minute session. We’ve managed to eliminate the need for any repeat visits!


If one of your teeth has experienced significant trauma or damage over time, the best course of action often comes in the form of tooth extraction. Once the infected tooth is safely removed from your mouth, we can then develop a plan to remedy the look and feel of the affected area. Our team of dental professionals is prepared to give your smile a complete overhaul today; you just say the word!

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General Dentistry

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