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Dental Implants "Before and After"

Choosing the right dental implant solution can be a truly life-changing moment. When you see your new smile, you’ll feel on top of the world. Check out some example patient photos below to see what a difference implants can make.

This young man struggled with bad teeth for many years and decided he would like a fixed teeth solution that wasn’t removable.  We treated him with full upper and lower implants and fixed porcelain bridge work.

This gentleman has suffered from missing back teeth and multiple infections in his front teeth.  He wanted something durable and not removable.  We treated him with full upper implants and porcelain bridge work that had the look that was appropriate for someone his age.

This gentleman had been missing his back teeth for many years but when his front tooth sustained an injury he decided he needed to make a change. We restored his upper smile with 6 dental implants and a fixed bridge.

This woman had a lot of dental work done out of the country when she was younger and it slowly started to fail and become discolored. She wanted teeth that were not removable that would give her self confidence back. Another great example of how dental implants can change someone's life.

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