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Signs You May Need Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Why are Wisdom Teeth a problem? Wisdom teeth can cause a variety of oral problems, most notably, pain and irritation in the case of impacted molars. Healthy, properly aligned wisdom teeth with room to grow rarely lead to problems. In most cases, wisdom teeth aren’t able to emerge correctly due to a lack of space…

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Pediatric Dentistry Tips for Buffalo Parents

How to Prepare Your Child for Their Trip to the Dentist Preparing your child for their first dentist appointment can be a daunting task. For older children, trips to the dentist may already be difficult if they’ve had a negative experience in the past. Southtowns Dental Services offers a welcoming family atmosphere with staff experienced…

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Getting Married?

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed Something Yellow… This is certainly not what you want people saying on your wedding day! You spend countless hours searching for the perfect white dress, so shouldn’t your teeth match? Imagine your dull teeth, next to your crisp, white dress; now imagine your sparkling, white teeth in your ever-lasting…

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